It's like this: honk bands (and any band made up of people who have day jobs) have a hard time coordinating. Can you guys make this gig? What are we playing? What time do I have to be there? It's a pain.

The Gig-O-Matic ameliorates the problem by letting everyone in your band register their availability for a gig in one place. Everyone gets their own calendar-of-events listing upcoming gigs, including gigs they haven't weighed-in on yet. See here:

All the information about a gig can be collected in the Gig-o, too, giving every member a single place to go for info about where they're supposed to be, and when:

There are plenty of other features that make managing and belonging to bands easier. Here's a non-exhaustive list:

  • Three views of upcoming gigs: Agenda, Calendar, Grid
  • Organize your band by sections (or leave it disorganized)
  • Members can play in more than one section
  • Members can manage their membership in more than one band
  • Personal profile pages
  • Band profile pages (show off to members of other bands!)
  • Optional automatic email notification of new gigs
  • Printable setlist pages
  • Members can comment on their availability, and comment on a gig
  • Automatic archiving of plans once the gig has passed
  • Integration into Google Calendar, Apple Cal, Outlook, etc.
  • Designed to work well on a computer, a phone, a tablet, a jumbotron, and a blimp
  • See it all in English, Italian, or German (Got a favorite language? Translators wanted...)

More features show up all the time.

Questions you may have at this point:

  • Who uses this thing? The Gig-o has been used by the Second Line Brass Band for years, and is now open to any band.
  • What's it cost? It's free, friends. The Gig-O-Matic was built as a labor of love, and we love everyone. We run on the Google application engine, which is exceedingly cheap, so we're passing the lack-of-spending on to you.
  • Who made it? The Gig-O-Matic Overlord Committee did it in their spare time.
  • How can I get my band involved? Click here.
  • What if I have some other question? Email Here!

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